Psychotherapy in Ventura, CA + Online

In my Ventura office and online via secure remote-video enabled software, I provide an eclectic blend of psychotherapy for individuals and couples who are committed to personal growth and deepening their understanding of themselves, their families, and their relationships. 

Throughout all of my work with clients, I believe in the healing power of honoring your own inner voice, passions, strength, intuition, culture and values as your guide.

Individual psychoTherapy

My clients come to me looking for extra support in the following areas:
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*Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety appears in our lives in a variety of forms and levels of severities. When we are juggling many stressors and pressures, trying to keep it all together, or trying to please everyone else but yourself, one more straw can break the camel’s back, manifesting as panic attacks, OCD, emotional meltdowns, short tempers, sleepless nights, nightmares, health and other worries, performance anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, eating disorders, impulsiveness, and/or chronic physical health problems.

Anxiety can be paralyzing and downright frightening when it feels as if its speedy whirling momentum takes control of your mind and body. I offer effective strategies and tools to share with you to better manage your anxiety and reclaim your life and the choices you make while we work through the underlying issues at its roots.


Whether the spark has significantly dampened or emotional reactivity has one or both of you acting in ways you are not proud of, your communication skills could probably use a good tune-up. Often couples who love each other deeply can find themselves at a point where they can no longer truly hear each other, reacting, getting defensive, avoidant, and/or tuning each other out, and therefore neither partner feels heard, understood, or appreciated.

Misunderstandings, assumptions, and resentment build which erodes intimacy. I integrate several techniques to help partners reconnnect, communicate and be heard by one another, facilitate understanding and compasssion, neutralize built-up resentment, so you can experience the enjoyment of your partner's beloved qualities again. Straight, gay and lesbian couples welcome. You may choose to attend together or to work on the presenting issues individually.

*Compassion Fatigue: Doctors, Therapists, Healers, First Responders

You entered into your field because you wanted to help people. It gives you a sense of purpose, deep satisfaction, and meaning in life. It’s no accident you were called to your vocation. Perhaps you were the person in your family that was the caretaker of others. Or you witnessed others suffering and wanted to be able to help, but didn’t have the means yet.

Now you are successfully helping and responding to others who are experiencing a great deal of physical and emotional pain, but you find yourself feeling more tired than you used to. Sometimes you feel you just don’t have the bandwidth, patience or energy expected of you. You notice it’s harder to find the time to cook, eat as healthy as you'd like, exercise, have time for yourself & with loved ones, or to do the things you most enjoy doing. Maybe you even find your self gettting more easily irritated, frustrated, and judging yourself harshly. Your try to "pick yourself up by your boot straps and solider on" but the feeling continues.

This is a common experience of medical and service professionals and first responders of all kinds. You’ve heard “put your own oxygen mask on first”, but you rarely take this advice. Maybe you are not sure how to do so or what that looks like for you.

I understand the complexities and delicate nature of your field and offer you a safe, confidnential, non-judgmental place to share the weight you've been carrying about your experiences, thoughts, feelings, concerns and find the opportunities to revitalize, recharge, and recenter, which will in turn, benefit all the people in your personal and professional life you care for.

*Coping with Symptoms of Depression

You can’t remember the last time you laughed. You faintly recall there were things you used to enjoy doing…some time ago. Everything feels like it requires so much energy to do. You just don’t have it, except to do the bare minimum necessary, and then even sometimes not that. Motivation? Not happening, which also gets you down. Its hard to make a decision, and you feel apathetic. You almost don’t care and don’t want to do anything to make it better.

But really, you do. Some wise part of you within is awake and watching, wanting to lift your soul out of this heaviness, this rut you feel entrapped inside. It wants to take off this heavy raincoat and backpack full of rocks and feel the sensation of both raindrops and the sun. So here you are on the internet searching for a way to somehow to feel lighter. Free. To remember what it is like to laugh and experience a sense of joy.

*Genealogy Therapy & Ancestral Healing

Have you been (or curious about) exploring your family genealogy and ancestry on sites such as ancestry or done DNA testing? What do you enjoy about the process? What have you discovered? What has surprised you? Through exploring comprehensively into the family tree and family system, we can develop a deeper sense of identity, culture, and context understanding the influences and patterns of our ancestors. Sometimes people have experienced deep conflict, abandonment, or trauma in their family system which filters through into current intimate and familial relationships and personal fears, drives and behaviors. Some people uncover family secrets, DNA or relational surprises that may be challenging to reconcile and find it helpful to process in therapy. Other times, people derive deep satisfaction and excitement in new discoveries but have no one to share it with who would understand the significance and excitement. As a professor in family systems therapy with a personal passion for genealogy and intuitive ancestral healing, I provide support, guidance, and insight through the process as we identify intergenertional pattersn, and facilitate growth and healing of current and past relationships.

*Somatic symptoms, chronic pain, & illness

Do you ever experience physical health symptoms or pains that don't seem to get sufficiently better despite treatment? Or that come and go with stress? While there are many organic causes for health symptoms, there are also mental/emotional/spiritual/energetic factors contributing to physical pain and discomfort. While you continue working on supporting the physical body with other health professionals, we can work complementarily to address the mental/emotional/spiritual/energetic aspects of dis-ease and dis-comfort as well as to learn how to understand what your body might be communicating.

*Shadow work: Understanding and integrating your shadow side

Just like the moon is bright on one side and dark on the other, and as we have daytime and night time, we have a bright shiny aspect of our personality we are willing to show to the world, and another side that stays hidden. The hidden side, or "shadow side" is not bad, though often judged that way. It is the repository of our unconscious, which includes the disowned, critcized, and judged aspects of self (the stuff we don't like, we're afraid of, or don't want everyone to see) but it also includes our untapped potential. The more split off the shadow is the more it can erupt or pop in at "inopportune times." Shadow work is invaluable because it helps us accept ourselves, others, and our collective humanity. It decreases anxiety, helps us evolve, develop our potential, and feel integrated and whole, which helps our relationships and careers and health and just about everyting else.

*Sexual issues and trauma

What were the messages you received about sex growing up? Many people unfortunately received negative or conflicting messages, or that it was something "you don't talk about," leaving people to unreliable sources of information or confusing early experiences. Many people also have experienced some degree of sexual trauma, which can profoundly affect their sense of self, intimate relationships with others, sense of healthy sexuality, etc. Understandably, it can be difficult for people to talk about. Plus, victims often experience additional trauma when they've spoken about it and people haven't believed them or acted to help protect them. Sometimes victims are themselves blamed. Due to a variety of circumstances, sexual issues and trauma are often left unresolved. People sometimes think that they have to "just move on" or deal with it on their own. If this rings true for you, I invite you to take the next step and talk with me. I am here to support your healing and to help you feel safe and good in your body again.

I help my clients feel expansive enough to make choices based on what is genuine, rather than feeling weighed down by old conditioning/social pressure/people-pleasing.  Often, even after just one or two sessions, my clients tell me that they "feel like a weight has been lifted off."

To find out if I might be a good match as your therapist, or to decide whether psychotherapy or coaching is the right choice for you, click here to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

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Couples Counseling

I provide support for straight, gay, lesbian, and/or trans couples in the following areas:

  • Pre-marital and pre-cohabitation counseling

  • Navigating identities, roles, family and expectations

  • Rekindling the spark

  • Sexual issues, compatibilities, past trauma

  • Repairing misunderstandings, tension and resentment

  • Improving communication and healing emotional volatility

Often couples who love each other deeply can find themselves at a point where they can no longer truly hear each other, reacting, getting defensive, avoidant, and/or tuning each other out, and therefore neither partner feels heard, understood, or appreciated. Misunderstandings, assumptions, and resentment build which erode intimacy.

I integrate several techniques to help partners reconnect, communicate and be heard and appreciated by one another, as well as decrease emotional reactivity so you can experience the enjoyment of each other’s beloved qualities again. You may choose to attend together or to work on the presenting issues individually

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