“Traveler, there is no road. You make your own path as you walk.”   ~Antonino Machado

“Traveler, there is no road. You make your own path as you walk.”
~Antonino Machado


I help young adults to find their own way in life, to recognize and discern their own needs and inner compass, and gently release themselves from imposed expectations and societal shoulds.

My coaching clients come to me seeking support with the following:

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Relationships, connection and communication

  • Career and life path decisions

  • Work-life balance

  • Cultural transitions and adjustment

  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • Self development, intuition development

  • Genealogy and ancestry work

Wherever you are in the world, remote video-enabled sessions make it possible for:

  • Working professionals to access consistent support between meetings and travels around the globe;

  • English-speaking expats, international teachers, authors, social work and health professionals, digital nomads, living and working abroad to connect with me as a trusted supportive resource from their home country, while navigating the transitions, cultural adjustments, relationships, life choices, existential issues, and loneliness that they may experience living in another culture;

  • College students living away from home

  • Those who need privacy and discretion to choose a trusted professional outside of their small communities

I help my clients trust their intuition and to feel confident and congruent making choices that honor their highest good, rather than making fear-based or should-based decisions.

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