What doYou really want?

Ventura therapist Dr. Angela DeVita offers individual and couples therapy in person, online and via Skype.

As a psychotherapist and global coach, my work is to help you answer that question in a way that stirs your soul.

You’re the kind of person who’s drawn to reflection, deep exploration, insight, and a sense of purpose. You wish you could be cleansed of the “shoulds, ” old conditioning, self-doubt, outside pressures and the many expectations that cloud your life choices.

You seek the freedom that comes from clarity and connecting with your true self:

  • Freedom to love and be loved

  • Freedom to be who you are in your relationships

  • Freedom to make choices that honor your authentic needs, values & vision

  • Freedom from the overwhelm of anxiety & stress, the weight of depression

Hi, I’m Dr. Angela DeVita. I’m passionate about helping you clear away the noise and debris so you can reconnect with your inner compass. Together we’ll work to heal the emotional, social, or even physical blocks that are getting in the way of trusting yourself, so that you can re-imagine and live the life you really want.

If you’re ready to dive in, I can’t wait to meet you.

Contact me to set up an initial phone consultation, or learn more about our work together below.

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